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Re: Take the FICO Fitness Challenge!

heatherskib wrote:

We're just trying to find our way home! 


1-So min is 620 each.... if we can do better we'll be really happy especially if we can pull it off before the tax credit deadline...


2- I'm currently at 583 and my husband is at 601.


2007-2009 were really rough on us.  My husband was laid off twice- both times Unemployment got screwed up royally and never paid out, and we had to move from rental to rental 4 times in 2 years due to the owners not paying the mortgages when we paid rent. 


What hurt us the most is what we were doing to fix our credit through 08 and 09 got screwed by the latest lay-off and eviction due to foreclosure.  We'd opened accounts and were paying on them, but it came to a roof over our head, power and food over paying bills. So accounts went to collection agencies.


3- Everything has been paid off now and we had no open accounts except my student loans.  Now we just have to rebuild, which means opening accounts and paying them off.  I got my Macys card reinstated w/ a $255 limit and have been using it and paying it off on a monthly basis, and we opened a joint account to Badcock in November with a $3000 limit and purchased a $1000 TV, which we will have PIF by March.  We're just hemming and hawing about opening a secured credit card w/ a $1,000 limit.   We're unsure if this will help our score or not. The options are $1000 each, $2000 joint or $2000 for one or each of us.


The bonus from the last few years is we really learned how to trim fat from our budget.


If anyone has any advice- we sure could use it!


I would go with a secured card with only one of you on it. I also want to wish you luck, been where you are at and it's a rough road. Blessings to you.