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Re: Take the FICO Fitness Challenge!

Want2BFinanciallyFree wrote:

My 2010 goal is to increase my credit score to above 600 (don't know how realistic that is but I'm going to try).


My current FICO score on Equifax is only 500. Smiley Sad  I'm not sure what the FICO is on Exp or TU b/c I have not yet purchased them.


My strategy to achieve this goal is to have negative items removed:

- clear faulty judgments

- negotiate PFDs on collection & charge off accounts

- pay bills on time (auto loan & student loans - hopefully get a lender after completing loan rehab for student loans)

- get a secured card towards end of year to rebuild credit



You can do this!I have moved up well over 150 points in the last 2 years just by paying on time and keeping my balances low. Do not give up! you will get to your goals!