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Re: Take the FICO Fitness Challenge!

(1) My goal is to break into the 700 club, hopefully 720+

(2) Current FICO scores: 677 TU; 691 EQ

(3) My plan is - not much - time is my greatest ally. Pay down & pay off some CCs, keep paying my SL, let my accounts age and do not open any new accounts.


2009 was a volatile year for my credit profile. I consolidated 3 or 4 student loans into one, I opened up I think 8 new charge accounts ( I only had one before this, which I was an AU on), and a couple of derogs dropped. I had a total of 20 SW alerts from July to Dec....

I have no plans to make a major purchase, such as a house or auto, and I am in no desperate hurry to raise my scores instantly, so my big plan is really nothing for now except to let accounts and inquiries age and maybe increase some CLs. I still have some derogs which aren't scheduled to drop off completely until late 2011, I'll just let them die a slow death. By early 2012 I should have a pretty clean and healthy credit profile except for a couple of things which I have no power over at the moment.


Good luck to all.

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