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Re: Take the FICO Fitness Challenge for 2011!

MY 2011 Fico Fitness challenge is to havea  fico score across the board with 725 by the end of 2011. Im not sure how to get the siggy.

1. My EQUIFAX is 652 due to high utilization and 2 open accounts in December that I really didn't need. Was 672 before that. I know when discover card hit my report it dropped it 20 points.

2. TU score 660 last time I check it was when I got the score from this site free.

Hopefully I can keep with my goals and pay down my balances and don't app for anything until 2012. Which I still have a few baddies on my transunion and experian will drop off. MY equifax is basically clean except for a chargeoff from Victoria secret from 05 which has a 0 balance on it.