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Re: Take the FICO Fitness Challenge for 2011!

I'm new to all of this, but here goes:


I'm going to school, my husband (and 3 kids at home) are living on one income, and the debt has piled up. However, things are looking up. We paid off our last vehicle recently, our credit management company bill will be paid off around the time I graduate (2012) and other things are looking up: husband is about to be promoted, so his salary will raise and we just starting receiving unexpected income each month of nearly $1, I expect some big changes in our credit this year. Of course, we have a LONG way to go. Our current scores are only around 500. (Boo!!) We want to build a home in the summer or fall of 2012, and everything (other than student loans) should be paid off by then, with only our current mortgage. 


My goal this year: 600s! Is that do-able in one year?