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Re: Take the FICO Fitness Challenge for 2011!

OhWejo wrote:

1.  My Fico Score goal for 2011 is to be at 750 in a 3 bureaus.
2.  My Current Socres are as follows
     Equifax 574
     TransUnion 600
     Experian FAKO 606
3.  I will be achieiving this goal by continuing to pay off my debts on time, keeping my credit to debt ratio low and may consider opening up a new line of credit.
I look forward to taking this challenge with all of you!  Good luck!  I know we can do it!

Hello there.



One thing I will ask is where did you get your scores? No one has been able to buy their own Experian FICO score since February of 2009. Creditors can pull Experian and also there is a CU (PSECU) in Pennsylvania that supplies that information to it's members only. You can only buy true FICO scores at a few places. One place is here at myFICO. I suggest you do an internet search for "myfico discount codes" to save a little money.

You can also purchase your Transunion score at At EQ will still sell you an EQ FICO score but you need to look for their "Score Watch" product.




From a BK years ago to:
EX - 9/09 pulled by lender 802, EQ - 10/10-813, TU - 10/10-774

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