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Re: Take the FICO Fitness Challenge for 2011!

I had a good year in 2010, fell a little short of the goal but made huge strides.  Here are my goals for 2011.


1.  Your FICO score goal for 2011.  To have 700 across the board

2.  Your current FICO score(s):  603 TU, EQ 586, EX who knows! LOL

3.  The steps you plan to take to achieve your goal:  No missed payments, continue to GW my 3 remaining baddies, and drop my Util to <5%.  Also I would like to pass what I learned on here to others that are looking for help.

Starting Score: Aug 10 1, 2012 EQ 591 TU 541 EX ???
Current Score: EQ 591 TU 541 EX ???) Goal Score: 700

Take the FICO Fitness Challenge