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Re: Take the FICO Fitness Challenge for 2011!

Mommieof3 wrote:

1. 600

2. EQ: 512/ TU: 516

3: fixing the negative factors and working on better habits


I am new to this credit situation and I would really like to increase my score to help better my future for myself and my children so that I can teach them how to better themselves from the beginning and not before it becomes to late.


So, I would like any suggestions....

Hello Mommieof3 and welcome to the forums.


Another thing you can do is go to Rebuilding Your Credit and start a new thread with details of your situation and you'll get lots of advice and suggestions. For that matter you can look at all the boards and visit wherever you think might be helpful.


All the information available here can be somewhat overwhelming at first but take your time and read and research and ask questions and you'll get up to speed quickly enough.


I'm glad you found our little community.  :smileyhappy:




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