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Re: Take the FICO Fitness Challenge for 2011!

My new goal is posted in my siggy below.  I've raised my goal from last year, 750, to 800.  I've had much improvement in my scores and am still learning the fine points of credit management.  My debt is way down, I have to improve my utilization (which is way down), and work on preparing to pay my school loans.  Right now I'm in the midst of refinancing my primary residence where the payment will almost be $200 lower.  In order to complete this I have to get the bureaus and credits to remove comments I placed on the report, issues were resolved, but the comments were not removed.  I hope this works out; it will help a lot. 


Thanks everyone on the Board for all your help. 


Barry, how do I send you a personal msg for a free Equifax score? 

2010 Original Goal 750

Starting Score: EQ 1/2010, 699; EXP 12/09, 723; TRANS 11/09, 710
Current Score(Updated from tri-merge mtge 1/21/11): EQ 1/11, 729; EXP 1/11, 759; TRANS 1/11, 731
Goal Score: EQ 12/2011, 800; EXP 12/2011, 800; TRANS 12/2011, 800

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