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Re: Take the FICO Fitness Challenge!
klimtmuse, Credit repair is like having a second job. I started off just trying to make sure that the three cards I got were paid on time every month. Then I started really pouring thru the full myfic site. I pulled my all three of my reports and I started line by line of seeing if I could get things removed. I had so many I only attacked 5 @ a time. then when I got @ least thre removed I added three more. I made sure I took good notes and every time I wrote a letter and got a response I filed it. I wrote GW letters and have had great success (3 ot of 4) I did about 8 PFD's and some were disputed and dropped and finally some just aged off. @ first the only thing I wanted out of ths was to become a homeowner, now I want better Credit Cards and limits plus I now know that my insurance rates for my home will be bettter because of my score. Life can be manuvered easier with a better Credit Score. My advice to you is to jump on the site as often as possibel. Post your baddies in the Rebuilding section and see what advice you will get. Also pay attention to the drop off dates and never talk over the phone to a Collection Agency unless its the CEO telliing you he is deleting a baddie!

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