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Re: Take the FICO Fitness Challenge!

I am taking this year to re-invent myself. I had a hard time last year with being in school full time and not being able to work. We only had one income and it was tight. Lets just say everything that could happen did. I am now about to start my new job as a BSN/RN and I am excited. With both of our incomes, we should be able to attack a lot of this early in the year. I just pulled my credit score from Equifax to see what the damage was, 487. I have a 452 as of 11/09 and I signed up for quarterly updates I think. I take my state boards next month for nursing then I am starting on this. My goal is just to get all bills paid on time for this month and next month. Then, once we get income tax, I want to pay down as much as I can.


My Goals for 2010- Pay ALL bills on time

                              Pay off all current credit cards

                              Move up into the low 600's




Start Score:493Current Score:635
Goal Score: 700>>>>>App free since (umm not saying...I struggle with this)