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Re: Take the FICO Fitness Challenge!
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First off I would to say "Thank You" to each, and everyone of you for you patience and passion for helping others.  I started out on these forums with bad credit, and no credit whatsoever.  I am on here reading everyday, I don't post as much, as you can see.  This is what I have done with what I have learned on these forums.


Car Loan paid off Aug 09

Target started 200.00 CL Jul 08, now 1,000.00 CL balance 185.00

JC Penney started 200.00 CL Dec 08, now 1,800.00 CL balance 158.00

Chase started 2,100.00 CL Jul 08, still 2,100.00 CL balance 0

Kay's Jewelers 3,000.00 CL Oct 08, now 4,500.00 CL balance 216.00


Not to mention several PFD'S, and letter's it took to remove items off CR's.

Thank You FICO Forums



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Starting Score: 689/693
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Take the FICO Fitness Challenge