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Re: New: myFICO Customer Focus Group

Sarah wrote:

Greetings, forum members!


myFICO is assembling a new Customer Focus Group to gain insights on our products, customer needs, and future developments. Participation is voluntary, and consists of filling out a brief survey once or twice a month. If you’d like to join this new Customer Focus Group, send an email to with “Focus Group” in the subject line – you do not need to provide your name or other info at this time. Anyone interested in myFICO can join; should you choose to participate, you’ll receive your first survey in the next 7-10 days.


Please note: any information you provide in the surveys will remain confidential; we will not sign you up for any email lists, or contact you for any purpose other than providing the newest survey.


Feel free to send me a PM if you have any additional questions.

Is this still going on? I just sent an email...Do we get bumped up a title for this kewl blog? "Blogger of all blogs" would be kewl Smiley Happy 


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