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Re: Welcome our new Community Leaders!

JoeBro wrote:

Welcome Community Leaders!


May you please help a newbie out? I'm new to the world of Credit (and to this website). I'd like to know where I can post/talk about my TU report. I got my free TU and EX reports last night from (I don't know what happened to my EQ report, was I supposed to get it as well?)

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated Smiley Very Happy. I took my TU report and made an excel sheet on all my accounts that have been opened, would it be OK for me to upload it for you to see what I'm dealing with? (no personal information is in the sheet)


Thank you!

Hi JoeBro,


Welcome! I strongly recommend posting in the Rebuilding Your Credit board. There are some great posters over there who are actively engaged in rebuilding their credit, or those that went through it and are looking to pay it forward and help others. Unfortunately there isn't an ability to upload spreadsheets, and you may not want to anyway even if you could. In my time posting here, I found that the best responses involved posting 1-2-3 issues tops per thread and splitting it up that way, and doing so over time (2-3 days or so, or as needed). Myself and others started here posting everything on our credit reports and those reading these posts tend to glaze over it due to the sheer amount of info posted. I think one of my first threads is still lurking on here asking for help....without a single response.


Annualcreditreport is an awesome first start. If you want to know where you stand per FICO, then I recommend pulling both FICO reports. If you have lots happening on your CRs during this repair process, I also strongly recommend subscribing to a credit monitoring service like EIDT or USAA's service. And of course ignore the scores from those sites as they are not FICO scores.