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Re: Frequent Contributor and custom avatar

searchingfor67 wrote:

Mustanglvr2006 wrote:

Note:  Removed quoted post because it had outdated information.  I have replaced it with current post to keep things from getting confusing.
mod-moose wrote:

MyFICO community members,

We have now enabled Frequent Contributor to upload their own images as an avatar!

If you have the rank of Frequent Contributor and would like to change your icon to a custom avatar, click "My Settings", then "Avatar" tab. Avatars will be limited to 60x60 pixels, so please be aware of this while choosing an image for an avatar.

Please make sure your icons are tasteful, and abide by all of the guidelines set forth in the Terms of Serviceand User Agreementfor the community.

If you have any further questions, please send a message to a moderator or administrator.

- myFICO Moderation Team 

I followed these instructions and I still do not see the new avatar. Should it be instant  or does it need to go through a vetting process?

Hi searchingfor67,


If you follow the instructions above, the avatar will change instantly.


Are you using a avatar from the web or are you uploading an image to use?  If you are using an image from your computer, here are the instructions for uploading images -> Images


Here are screenshots for adding an avatar:


Click on "My Settings"


Avatar 1.JPG


Click on the "Avatars" tab


Avatar 2.JPG


You will need to have already uploaded the image or you can use a URL from the web


Avatar 3.JPG


Hope this helps.  Please let me know if you are still having problems.