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Common Abbreviations
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Common Abbreviations



AA = adverse action (lowered credit limits, closed cards, negative reports on credit, etc.)

AAoA = Average Age of Accounts

AF = Annual Fee
AFAIK = As far as I know

AG = Attorney General

AMEX = American Express

AOR = "App O Rama" (see App Spree)

App = apply / application
App Spree = applying for several cards and/or credit lines in a short period of time

APR = Annual Percentage Rate

AR = Account Review

AU = Additional user / Authorized user 

BADDIE = Any negative or derogatory item on your report
BBB = Better Business Bureau

BC/OBC = American Express Blue Cash / "Old Blue Cash"
BCE = American Express Blue Cash Everyday
BCP = American Express Blue Cash Preferred
BK or BR = Bankruptcy

BoA = Bank of America
BT = Balance Transfer
BTW = By the way
BUMP = Used by someone when they are looking for an answer to the thread, but have not received one yet

CA = Collection Agency

Cap1 = Capital One Bank
CBR - Credit Bureau Report
CC = Credit Card
CCC = Credit Card Company
CCCS = Consumer Credit Counseling Services

CCT = Credit Check Total
CFL = Consumer Finance Loan
CL = Credit Limit
CLD = Credit Line Decrease
CLI = Credit Line Increase
CMRRR = Certified Mail Return Receipt Requested

CMS = Credit Management Service
CO = Charge Off

CR = Credit Report

CRA = Credit Reporting Agency ( TransUnion, Equifax, Experian)
CRO = Credit Repair Organization
CRTP = Credit Reporting Time Period

CS = Customer Service or CreditSecure(R) (depends on context)

CSP = Chase Sapphire Preferred

CSR = Customer Service Representative

CU = Credit Union


DC = Citibank Double Cash Card

DCU = Digital Credit Union

DD = Dear Daughter
Derog = Derogatory
DH = Dear Husband

DM = Dear Mother
DMP = Debt Management Program
DOFD = Date of First Delinquency
DOLA = Date of Last Activity

DS = Dear Son
DTI = Debt to Income
DV = Debt Validation
DW = Dear Wife


ED = American Express Every Day

EDP = American Express Every Day Preferred

EE = Early Exclusion

EO = Executive Office
EQ (also EFX) = Equifax

EO = Executive Office

EX (also EXP, XPN) = Experian

FA = Fraud Alert
FAKO = Generic credit score, not a true FICO
FC = Foreclosure

FCBA = Fair Credit Billing Act
FCRA = Fair Credit Reporting Act
FDCPA = Fair Debt Collections Practices Act
FI = Fair Isaac

FICO = Fair Isaac Credit Score

FOTM = Flavor of the month (popular new cards with uncertain staying power)
FR = Financial Review

FSR, FS&R = Friendly, Supportive & Respectful
FTC = Federal Trade Commision

FTF = Foreign Transaction Fee

FWIW = For What It's Worth

Gardening = Choosing NOT to apply for new lines of credit

GC = Green Card from Certified Mail
GL = Good Luck
GW = Good Will

HELOC = Home Equity Line of Credit
HIPAA = Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

HP = Hard Pull

HTH = Hope This Helps

IIB = Included in Bankruptcy

IIRC = If I Recall Correctly
IME = In my experience

IMHO = In My Humble Opinion
IMO = In My Opinion

INQ = Inquiry
ITS = Intend to Sue

JDB = Junk Debt Buyer
JK = Just Kidding

JMHO = Just My Humble Opinion

JMO = Just My Opinion

LOC = Line of Credit
LOL = Laughing Out Loud
LTV = Loan to Value


MF = Monthly Fee

MOV = Method of Validation

OC = Original Collector or Original Creditor
OP = Original Poster or Original Post
OT = Off Topic

PC = Product Change

PenFed = Pentagon Federal Credit Union

PFB = Planet Feedback
PFD = Pay For Delete
PIF = Pay in Full
PL = Personal Loan
PM = Private Message
PP = Permissible Purpose

PR = Public Record

PRG = American Express Premier Rewards Gold


QS = Capital One QuickSilver Credit Card


RECON = Reconsideration

RTC101T= Read the Credit 101 Thread


SCT = Shopping Cart Trick; pop-up CC pre-approval during a checkout process

SD = "Sock Drawer" = Where you put CC's that you won't be using for a while

SL = Starting Limit

SO = Significant Other

SOL = Statute of limitations
SP = Soft Pull

Subprime = less desirable; usually used to reference store cards or cards designed for lower credit scores

SW = ScoreWatch

TC = TrueCredit
TD = Turned Down
TL = Tradeline.. An entry in your credit history.

TOS = Terms of Service

TTT = To The Top (Same effect as BUMP)
TU = TransUnion


USAA = United Services Automobile Association (provides banking, credit, & insurance to present & former US soldiers and their families)
UTL, UTIL = Utilization of debt to credit line

UW = Underwriter (someone who makes decisions regarding lending to customers)


VS = (1) Visa Signature (the highest level of benefits provided on a Visa card, comparable with "Visa Infinite"); (2) Victoria's Secret (popular SCT CC choice) Definitions apply in the US.

WEMC = World Elite MasterCard (the highest level of MasterCard features, benefits similar to Visa Signature)
WMC = World MasterCard (offers special features from MasterCard, but not quite as many as World Elite)

WO = Write Off


YEMV = Your Experience May Vary
YMMV = Your Mileage May Vary


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