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Welcome our new Community Leaders!
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Hello FICO Forums members,


I’m happy to announce a new role within the FICO Forums community beginning today.  It’s called Community Leader.


Our new Community Leaders will do the following:

  • Welcome new members by helping them navigate through the community and by directing them to useful information as they get started here;
  • Read all new posts daily to make sure they’re posted to the appropriate thread and are following our Terms of Service and other guidelines;
  • Inform the Moderators of any need for their intervention, i.e. moving/editing/removing posts as well as providing technical or other assistance.


The following Forum member has been chosen by our Moderator team as one of our Community Leaders:

  • laz98


You’ll be able to identify a Community Leader by their ranking and star appearing under their screen name and to the right of their avatar.


If any of you think you might be interested in becoming future Community Leaders, please send me a private message.  I’ll also attempt to answer any questions about the Community Leader role here if you’d like to reply to this post.



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