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Re: Coming Soon: New Member Ranks
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mod-moose wrote:


.  If you have complaints about a moderator or specific users, your best recourse is to address it in a Private Message to Barry. 

Huh?  Where did I say that? I don't have an issue with any moderator, I have an issue with using subjective means to put tags on people which then some people, openly already known, use that tag as means to bully others.


And since someone is sure to wonder, I would personally prefer NO tag, under my name just the number of posts.


There have also been very pointed posts where the "Tag" was a means for a "user" to delineate who and who would not be welcomed with a response on their post and questions.


Now all of that is subjective.  Do I really care?  Yes, in a way.  If it is the "follow the sheep" path of users that get better subjectively increased "status" that is distasteful.