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Re: Coming Soon: New Member Ranks

Hopelives2 wrote:

Huh?  Where did I say that? I don't have an issue with any moderator, I have an issue with using subjective means to put tags on people which then some people, openly already known, use that tag as means to bully others.


And since someone is sure to wonder, I would personally prefer NO tag, under my name just the number of posts.


There have also been very pointed posts where the "Tag" was a means for a "user" to delineate who and who would not be welcomed with a response on their post and questions.


Now all of that is subjective.  Do I really care?  Yes, in a way.  If it is the "follow the sheep" path of users that get better subjectively increased "status" that is distasteful.

Would not the number of posts then be used by some to bully and intimidate others? Where does it end? There is no perfect system and never will be.


Just as in real life there will always be those on these Forums (as ALL forums experience) who aren't welcoming, who do intimidate, who do put down others, who are frankly just not very nice people. And just like in real life all we can do is try and minimize them and their influence as much as possible.


I've been to many different forums and they run the gamut from absolute chaos to well managed. We all have to decide how we think myFICO is run. Some will like it and some won't. But as mod moose said you can't please everyone all the time. If you try then no one will be happy.


BTW I will quote you from an earlier post: There are many people coming to this forum who are not as well educated as he, and I, are.


I'm afraid some would take that statement as condescending, intimidating, bullying, and a put down of others. But that too is "subjective".


I guess the bottom line is that I'm sorry that so suddenly you seem so unhappy.




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