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Re: Coming Soon: New Member Ranks
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I did report it.  Has been resolved and the highlighting is straying away from point of conversation.


I frequent other boards as well, none of which have anything to do with finance or law.


To me, letting post counts speak for themselves is good enough vs. having some subjective means that a group uses to delineate who means what to a forum... which myfico just did.  Subjectively, ya'll will decide who gets to carry an arbitrary tag. 


If I had the choice to not use a tag, I would as some of my posts are helpful, some are asking for help, and others are pointing out what I think is wrong with a philosophy or doctrine.


My "rocking the boat" mentality has served me well as I do not follow abstractly or without asking "why" - it has only painfully done me wrong, exactly once... and the SEC validated me in the end anyway. :smileyhappy: