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Re: Coming Soon: New Member Ranks

Hopelives2 wrote:

LilMirth wrote:  As you've mentioned, a ranking system isn't new to the FICO forums, nor is it a "new" concept overall. 

 No, it is not new but the arbitrary, subjective criteria the "staff" decided to use, is not useful or helpful.

And those in power always stick together.  :smileywink:  And always work to quash someone else's differing opinion.



And, sometimes, those of differing opinions like to imply that there is some "collective" consipiracy, as oposed to simply acknowledging that, gee... I disagree. *Really, most of us can formulate our own opinions and we express them as freely as you express yours. Really. :smileyhappy: Besides, what gave you the idea that the rankings are "arbitrary & subjective"? That's not what Barry said. This is what Barry said:


Barry wrote:

We'll soon be adding 12 new ranks (see below) and a more robust set of ranking criteria that (before you ask) will not be disclosed publicly.  We hope you'll enjoy working your way up through these new ranks.  And thanks to all of you for your contributions to the community!




"Arbitrary & subjective" weren't mentioned in Barry's announcement. He said that the ranking criteria "will not be disclosed".


[*Disclaimer: Upon receipt of the agreed upon payment for services rendered, I will summarily suppress my own opinion, in deference for that of the highest bidder, advancing whichever "party line" is most lucrative to my bottom line.]


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