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Re: Coming Soon: New Member Ranks
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Hopelives2 wrote:

LilMirth wrote:  As you've mentioned, a ranking system isn't new to the FICO forums, nor is it a "new" concept overall. 

 No, it is not new but the arbitrary, subjective criteria the "staff" decided to use, is not useful or helpful.

And those in power always stick together.  :smileywink:  And always work to quash someone else's differing opinion.

I disagree.  We're not here discussing politics or religion or some other topic where anyone's opinion might be right.  We're all here to compare notes and factual evedence to help each other with our credit.  Some people's opinions do have more value, in that they come with experience solving credit problems.  By showing a member ranking, the site is doing two things.  First, they are allowing us to see who has more experience discussing and self-educating here on the forums.  Second, it motivates some users to interact more.  This is good because you will get more answers to your questions.


It sound's like you really want to stick it to the man and beat those in power.  Well, here on this site you will find most of the information you need in order to do so.  Is the man keeping you down with a credit score?  Turn the liability into an assett...


I've never had my opinions squashed on this board...  But I did get auto bleeped a few times for mild expletives.

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