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Re: Coming Soon: New Member Ranks

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From what I understand it will still be the same 500 post level it is currently.

Guess I'd better type faster....  

Before the new ranks were introduced a user needed 500 post to get the custom avatar.  We didn't change that because we didn't want anyone to lose the ability to change their custom avatar, however there is more to the new formula than just posts so posting to just rank up won't work. 

Lol, I won't be posting just to rank up...  I've been here since 2008 and I'm less than halfway to the 500 mark, so that would take a while.  I honestly don't care much what my rank is, but I do think it would be neat to be able to customize my avatar.  My suggestions to the admin would be to relax the custom avatar qualification requirements.


Based on the current frequency of posts, I will likely achieve perfect credit before I achieve a custom avatar....  Pretty funny considering I started here in the low 500's.


You make a great point, p-.  I agree this is something we should -- and will -- consider for those of you continue to be invaluable members of the community despite not having the post count of some others.  Thanks for the suggestion!



Hi p-,


Thanks to your suggestion we have now enabled Frequent Contributor to upload their own images as an avatar!  You can read about how to do change your avatar on the new Frequent Contributor and custom avatar  topic.