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First car loan...

Hi everybody!


I'm going for my first auto loan sometime this month and I've been pretty active on making sure everything on my credit reports are correct. I'm 21 and I have 2 years of active credit history, which has me a little uneasy and is what I think could be my undoing when trying to get approved. It's not possible for me to get a co-signer so I'm hoping for the best. My true FICO scores are TU 778 and EQ 710. I don't know where to get the Experian FICO since all I can get are fakos (760, 780). I know Vantage score doesn't mean much, but for all 3 credit bureaus I'm looking at 753 across the board. What does everybody think about my chances? I plan to check credit unions first before any banks, since I want to step onto the dealer lot pre-approved (hopefully).


I've read and searched on the forums for a while and learned a lot of information! This site is full of it! I just wanted to know what some people thought about my situation.