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Re: First car loan...

I went to a credit union today and I'll find out tomorrow if I was approved. I also went to a dealer today as well and I looked around to see what they could do for me and they pretty much laughed in my face and stopped being helpful when I said no cosign what so ever. They wouldnt even consider putting my app though unless I had $7,000 down (which I knew anyways). I laughed right back at them and said, "I see there's no deal here and you're not interested in selling any cars." They had the same face I did when they laughed at me (surprised).


On a side note I was talking to the manager in his office with the chart of who sold what car and how many and on average each person sold 4 cars this month out of 15 employees. It's pretty slow for a guy claiming they cant keep cars in stock. I'm goning to a few other dealerships, but I can see that dealership wants to play some games brefore they sell anybody a car.


Either way I'm still putting $7,000 down so at this point its all about the finacing deal and the price of the car, which they are adamant on not moving (they will).