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Re: I Can Help, I Run A Car Dealership.
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I've purchased at least 40 vehicles, cars and light trucks, all new with the exception of 1 used "certified" GM car last July. What I typically do is show up with pre-approved financing in hand with a letter from my bank or CU showing the loan terms. I want the dealer to make money financing my purchase and that's exactly what I say to the dealer. Beat this financing and you'll get the financing, if you can't beat it I'm still a "good" buyer for the car because financing is not an issue. I'd say 50% of the time the dealer can get the deal bought cheaper, so be it he wins I win.


The deal I made last July, the dealer beat my financing quote by 0.74% (but then he tried to add in Gap Insurance to the tune of $795, gotta love F&I for trying). I keep my keys in my pocket and I don't sign anything until we have a deal. Car dealers can be real b*ll breakers or they can be easy, I don't know why so many think short term sales over long term repeat sales. Easiest car I ever bought was an Acura, I took in a good (low) quote from another dealer (internet email) and I had a preapproved financing offer from PenFed CU. Told the dealer "beat this price and you have a sale, beat the financing and you can have that too". They beat the price by $50 (it was a good quote) but they couldn't beat the financing. We were in and out of that dealer with a new Acura in less than an hour.


No car business has a million plus dollar showroom with 50+ people on staff selling inventory at less than cost, I understand that very well. Just don't BS me so much I know you are lying, that's all I'm saying.


Thanks for getting back to me on that other thread !