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Re: I Can Help, I Run A Car Dealership.

UpNComing wrote:

Revelate wrote:

Webhopper: I'm going to catch some flak for this one, but also consider financing the car, and then writing the check to the lender and you may be out less money.  That said, relationship building with a dealer is a two-way street, there are certain expectations you're going to have to meet to keep your end of the bargain and this might not be it.






Thats actually good advice Revelate.  I often encourage customers to finance to help them get a better deal.  Letting the dealer finance your loan sweetens the pot a little.  Gives the dealer a reason to reach a little deaper on the price to make the deal.  Then just pay it off once you receive the first invoice.

This thread turned out to be a lot more interesting than I was expecting Smiley Happy.


It may be good financial advice, but how do you consider it, not as an individual, but as a Sales Manager for a dealership for customers which do this?


I agree with your point earlier: salesmen turn over all the time at dealerships, and even one's requirements for cars change over time as well and they may not be able to offer what you're looking for anyway... especially if talking about someone who tends to drive 10ish years anyway on each vehicle; however, when dealers take something off the price in expectation of making something off financing (like the Acura dealership I purchased at did, almost assuredly looking at what I paid vs. blue book value), and then having the customer turn around and write a check for the full balance, is that generally frowned upon?


Or calling it what it is, does having the mfg hold-back (at least on a new car) during most of the year cover enough of your marker as a dealership to not worry about the occasional person that does that considering that number of vehicles sold per prior year affects how many you get the following (I think)?



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