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Re: I can help, I manage a car dealership.

Wow, what a great resource to have!


Just as a general question, how has your experience been with first-time buyers? What kind of things (scores, history, etc.) do you look for specifically, and do first time buyers generally get the top-tier rates, or stuck with the lower ones? 


I'm graduating in December and upon getting a job, I want to buy or lease a new vehicle. My scores right now are all high 600s/low 700s with no baddies, and about 10 revolving accounts as well as some installent (student) loans. At the time I plan to buy, most of my accounts will be at least a year old, maybe two for some. I know it's a hypothetical, but assuming I continue with no baddies, would I have a decent chance of getting favorable rates or the promotional lease rates? 


My income would likely be around $40-50k assuming I get in the field I want to.