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Re: I can help, I manage a car dealership.

Prac wrote:
Thanks for the quick reply.

Another question my cosigner is in the military and suggested using PenFed for their competitive rates. I am planning to buy a car this summer. Should I sign up right away or can I just wait till I'm ready to buy a car? I don't have any hard inq so I don't know how much that will come in affect with a cosigner.

That's great advice.  Any good history with a CU can only help you.  With your scores I'm sure you could secure a credit card or maybe even a personal loan that you can pay back quickly in order to establish a quick history to fall back on when it comes time to apply for an auto loan.  Credit Unions are not governed by the same set of rules and standards that a bank are.  They have much more leeway.

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