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Re: I can help, I manage a car dealership.

UpNComing wrote:

FloridaState12 wrote:

UpNComing wrote:

Definitely possible!

Would that be something that needs to be negiotiated? 


Also, could this same program be applied to Audi? I really love the A4.

The only reason a down payment would be required is if the payment to income parameters aren't met.  I imagine Audi would offer the same program since VCI is also Audi Financial Services.  But then again they're Bentley's finance company as well Smiley Very Happy

Is there like a general guideline, ratio, formula or something used to determine if payment to income parameters are met? Do you have an example or something you could use? Sorry for the barrage of questions, but I'm an eager beaver. Smiley Very Happy


That would be great if Audi has the same deal. No offense, but I'd much prefer an Audi over a VW. Smiley Tongue