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Re: I can help, I manage a car dealership.


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Hi upncoming,


i would like your opinion. i am looking to lease and was curious what sort of  financing "tier" i'd be in with a TU of 722 and EQ @703. i'm looking to lease an Acura or BMW and notice that they always say "prefered" tier or some such for the rates that they normal advertise. at what point would a person qualify for a "Top tier"sort of rate?





700 is a good benchmark.  However I've seen plenty in the upper 600's get top tier rates as well.  If you have any previous auto history you're golden with your scores.

Thanks that's good news. I had a bk in 2003, paid off my Ford motor credit loan in '05, then financed 20k @11.75% with chase in '09, then refied the remaining 11k in january with my cu @3.5% and now i'm looking to lease. Any advice on when the best time to hit the dealerships mihgt be? end of the month, etc.....thanks