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Beware of SANTANDER Auto Loans

I know that a lot of people come here for advice and some are struggling to find car loans and may really need a car BUT a word of CAUTION.  DO NOT GO with Santander.  I will tell you from personal experience..They do not report accurate information to the CRAs, they charge unexplained mystery fees, unexplained late fees, and outrageous interest rates.  They have reported on several accounts (not just mine) 30, 60, 90 day lates even though they were paid on time, and when you call they simply said oh the system said you were late.  They have repossessed cars that were paid up to date  (not mine it was totaled) or that was under a deferment plan (not mine) and they promised it would not hurt them.  I am going to put there name out there on every social networking site I can find.  I am also taking them to small claims court (will keep you posted) and I have the PROOF so I will WIN. 


I just want you to know to please be careful if you decide to use them and honestly DON't use them.  Please post a beware on every social site you can and research this company online before you decide.  You will see SEVERAL Class Action Suits, THOUSANDS of complaints filed against them, this past year alone over 90 to the BBB most unresolved.  PLEASE DO NOT USE THEM. If you do please keep records of EVERYTHING from signing of contract to EVERY payment made, date made, method made, RECORD all calls if any, and by all means PROTECT YOURSELF because they are not doing business for YOUR GOOD!