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Re: Beware of SANTANDER Auto Loans

Believe me I'm not asking you to believe more or even trust me.  The proof is in the complaints and they have THOUSAND of complaints (everyone can't be lying).  You don't have to believe me but YES in Texas I can take a company to smalls claims court and I have the proof that I need ( I keep copies of everything). Additionally, let me give you a break down of my complaint with them and you can be the judge. 


09/04/2010 - Car totaled Balance owed $10667.00 at time of total and per Citi/Santandar NO LATE Payment or FEES listed

09/17/2010 - Santander received a lump sum payment from Progressive insurance in the amount of $10266.83.  This left a balance of $400.17

09/30/2010 - Letter dated from Santander...payment received, however not enough to cover balance.  Your loan has been re-amortized and your new monthly payment is now $50.00 due on 10/22/2010.  Any amount that may have been past due have been brought current.  You can continue to pay the $50.00 until your loan matures in 06/20/2012 or you can pay a larger amount to reduce the amount owed.

10/20/2010 - Paid Santander $150.00... nothing was applied to my balance and all of a sudden I have 203.00 worth of fees that were not listed before bringing my new balance up to $603.17 (No explanation of the fees NOTHING)

10/23/2010 - Received a call from Marla my account was past due, when I asked why she stated they had received the $150.00 but showed I was to pay over 500.00

What no reason for this amount.  I explained the situation to her about the re-amortization, she had no clue why the system showed what it showed and she would send for review and updating.


30 more calls during that month alone


11/22/2010 - I paid $100.00 again nothing was applied to my past due only FEES and still they called and said i was past due... WHAT

12/10/2010 - Since the calls kept coming i sent a cease and desist and proof of debt information to them for a breakdown of fees, etc... They received it the next day because I had it overnighter with signatures.

Still received roughly 30 calls

12/17/2010 - Letter sent to Texas Consumer Affairs, Gov. Perry's office, and Tx Attorney General..

Received a notice from them with the letter they sent to Santander stating that my account needed to be reviewed and that all information must be received by them by 12/27/2010...

01/03/2010 - I received a letter for the consumer affairs division with the pay off amount given by Santander and the fact that my account was not updated correctly.  The payoff was good until 01/08/2011

01/07/2011 - Paid Santander off check account next day 0.00 balance NOW


Credit report shows late 30 days in November and 60 days in December.  Santander refuses to take the lates off because they said I was late because there system says so... WOW


They are unwilling to actively review my account so now I have ANOTHER open complaint with the Attorney General and Consumer Affairs to see if they can straighten it out.  All I want from them is to remove the inaccuracies.  My account with Citi Was NEVER late I always paid my bills on time.  Santander is ruthless and I will NEVER seek another loan from them.  If it worked out for you great.  Belief is a choice and I believe what the majority of the individuals write about them on their complaint boards because I experienced it first hand.  FYI... I am not seeking a mortgage, new car loan or anything. It is the principle of this matter.