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Question regarding car title



I have a question regarding the my wifes car that I would like to ask. My wife bout her car in 2007 when she was in Georgia. She was new so her uncle cosigned in the auto loan and now the title has both the names listed on it as owners. last week we recieved the title from honda financial due to end ot term alongwith Paid in Full letter. Now my question is:


1. When she moved to NJ with me after our marraige we had hell lot of problem for transfering the car from GA to NJ as the local DMV office needed the other peorsn to come in to transfer the title. which finally we were able to do with a letter from him alongwith his SS card copy and GA license. (He was generous enough to provide us with the copies of that). Now the title has her maiden name on it, so do we need to change it to her current name (we have official court name change papers, new SS card & DL with her new name on it)?


2. What problems/documents should we anticipate while going for that?



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