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Re: Question regarding car title

Watchmann wrote:

No real need to change the title from her maiden name to married name, it's just another opportunity for an error or glitch to enter the system.  When she finally sells the vehcile she can provide a copy of the marriage licence or other documentation tying her married name to her maiden name.  This is a standard situation that is part of daily life, there is no issue here.

Thanks for prompt response. We have official court papers with her name change. Another question - when we sell the car privately or do a trade in how to approach this issue since the court papers has her SSN and DOB listed alongwith her (old) maiden name and (new/changed) married name?


Sale - just sign the tile and give it to the buyer and take the plates of the car?


Trade-in - Just take the court paper with us when we go for trade-in show it to the dealer and take it back with us?


Never done this nor have anybody who has gone through this so am asking so many questions. Just don't want to have hell lot of issues few years down the line

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