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Motorcycle loan... VROOM!

So, the simulator says my score goes up if I get an auto loan. I currently have an auto loan, and have had several in the past, but they dont report (small local bank in rural AR) the type of place you just shake hands and youre approved lol


while that was great, I now live in MI and have no creditworthiness to show for all of those loans (1 late over 6 years of history)


I am currently in the market for a motorcycle. My scores range from 605-639 after my recent util drop, and collection removal.


Ive never gone outside of my previous bank, and dont know where is the best place to turn for a motorcycle loan? If I can even get one with my scores.


The bike I want is around 6-7k, and I have 1k to put on it, more if need be.


should I even bother with this? if so, where should I turn? credit union?  (Im just asking on a credit basis, I have the financial means to obtain this, DTI is 2% CC util is 6%)

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