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Re: CAPITAL ONE Blank Check Approval 30,000...LTV? HUH?

dhrren wrote:

Thanks all for the replies.  So I did some more googling and it says the wholesale is not the trade in value but its a dealer accessable wholesale value and not a consumer one?  This is insane.  If it really is trade in value most people would need a 130-150% LTV LOL.  ****Can someone who has actually used this please chime in?  Thank you.


We used the Cap One Blank Check last fall and it was a pain-free, easy process! We live in Nevada so we were allowed 110% of the dealer wholesale value on a used vehicle. As far as our process went (and a friend who used it in Colorado) a trade in value had nothing to do with it. I do know that one of the Cap One reps told me it depends on the state you live in as to whether or not they use wholesale or KBB value. The dealer should be able to give you a wholesale value on a vehicle you are interested in. Good luck =)

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