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Re: do credit unions pull auto enhanced scores?
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nuggets321 wrote:

A little credit union that I belong to pulls both regular AND auto-enhanced, Ive been talking to one fo their ladies for a month or so gathering info and have found out while they pull both versions they are Equifiax only... this is in Colorado

Yeah, I don't know why CU's wouldn't but anecdotally they seem to be all over the map on that.  I have to assume that a Classic pull costs the same as any industry option including an auto-enhanced; however, since a number of CU's are pretty technically unsophisticated it's possible that it's just sloppiness in their systems, or that they just don't care / feel it makes any substantial difference.


That said the big honking lenders with copious amounts of customer data all tend to pull auto-enhanced for a car loan.  Presumably they wouldn't do that unless they felt it was more accurate and therefore more profitable to do so.


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