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Re: Bad credit options
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JPersat wrote:

Try a credit union. We had a 495 in January (eewww) and financed 26k..but at 11%. Hello refinancing! Credit unions can be a lot more lenient.

hah, I would've given quite a lot for an 11% approval and my score was at a 551 when I bought a car.  That CU did you right JP :smileyhappy:


To the OP: dealer financing, a CU, or perhaps something like Lendingtree that picks up a few lenders would be my recommendation.  Since you recently started the process, additional auto inquiries won't count against you if done within a month for FICO '04 and it's even longer for the '08 version.  Since you have decided to buy a car, keep shopping for a loan is my recommendation.


 Welcome to the forums as well!  Also as a final point, as JP suggests you can refinance later: you don't have to live with the heinous interest rate forever.




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