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Re: My Toyota chances?

bbb3601 wrote:

Be that as it may, I was told in my region TU is the only report pulled.  That was from their CS dept, an UW,  and 4 dealers.  Maybe something changed after you left?

This was recent, and I can assure you we had connections to all three bureaus and those routers had been up for a good long while :smileyhappy:


TFS like every other major lender tends to pull regionally; however, they don't have to.  If for example I moved to wherever you were, for the next few years there's still a good chance they'd pull EX for me... but that's because I've lived in Cali for the last 8 years and there's a reasonable assumption on the part of lenders that EX will have better data on me than either EQ or TU.


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