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Should I apply for an auto loan yet? NFCU



I have been a member of Navy Federal for about 3 months. I am waiting on my direct deposit to be transferred over, and I have no lines of credit with them yet.


My husband has 2 collection (4-5 years old) that are unpaid, and I have one medical collection ($400) that I am PFD, but is currently showing as closed collection. I have one secured card and he has two credit cards, all are reporting under 9% utilization and no late payments (we have had them almost a year). Our scores are both around 610, my lowest score is 597.


We really need to replace our car, is there any chance we would get an auto loan? We can make a good size downpayment. We could probably buy a cheap car outright, but I would like a reliable car (around 10k), plus I am hoping the extra tradeline may help us because we don't have a lot of positive accounts.