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Re: Applied online -- if I go to the dearlership can they repull and make a diff decision

jkjklkjkl wrote:

I applied online for an auto lease, with the only reason being that I don't need the car, but would take it if everything came together right. If I get denied or don't get the most favorable terms, would going to the dealership, subsequently, offer me different results? If I go to the dealership, should I mention that I've already applied online (I ask this because I would prefer that they pull and get an impression for themselves) or would the same results be had?

If you want the best term you typically wouldn't borrow from dealership, you instead should apply auto loan at credit union. If approved, take that check and use it as cash to buy the car you want. Plus paying with cash at dealership typically gives you more room to negotiate out of door price.


You should only apply loan at dealership/manufactuer only when they have 0% APR deal and you have excellent credit.

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