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Re: 0% Financing?
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chasmith wrote:

I just got 0% 66 months on a Fusion Hybrid, my scores are below.  I put $1,500 into the deal but had $4,000 negative equity so was "upside down".


What you might want to do (which I did, recommended by Stephen Snyder) was to talk directly with the finance guy first. I specifically told him he wasn't authorized to pull.  Told him about my scores, BK, and history (good over 20 years) with Ford Credit.  He told me I should qualify, I believe I was considered Tier 2 (not Tier 1) but still got the 0%.  If the dealership wants to play financing games, walk out.

Unfortunately, they did a hard pull already.  We were told it wasn't but later that night we got an alert from our credit monitoring letting us know.  I was not happy!