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Helping Friend (Roadloans Approved) CarMax and Santander still an option?

I friend was asking me earlier about trading in his current car and getting something small and great on gas, it was later on (few) hours that the approval he had spoke of was today not months or years ago as I thought! LOL

okay so aproved Roadloans... I thought Capital One owned Roadloans and it was subprime but I thought either Santander was bought by Capital One... In the end I thought Roadloans was gone!! I had Roadloans loan in 2007 that sold to Santander a couple years later....

So he has this Roadloans, Does that mean he can also go to Carmax and possibly see a Santander offer?

I have not seen his credit report but based on my Santander history and his offer I assume mid 500's at best.

Offer is $12,000

72 months (YUCK!)

$600 Down

18% (Yuck)


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