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Re: Chances of approval?

pinned388 wrote:

Okay, Im sure this topic has been overposted but I'd like to ask your thoughts anyway...


My scores are around 615 with all 3 bureaus and Im looking to get a used car loan for a 2012 F150 Crew (around $22k-$26k) since there are some good deals right now. 



2 medical bills for $1000 total in collections from 2009

1 time warner account in collections for $690 from 2010

1 charged off bank account for $50 from 2008


5 recent inquiries



1 HSBC unsecured card $300CL/$40BAL 6 months old


Started with a 505 score 4 months ago, so I feel like Im doing pretty darn good so far...


With the info above, what are my chances of getting approved? Im trying not to put a ton of money down and also Im wanting to use a creditor that WONT pull equifax since thats my worst credit file. I dont care about the intrest rate too much since I plan of refinancing in a few months as my credit continues to improve.


Thanks so much!

You may get approved but that will come witha big down payment and possibly a high interest rate. Avoid Santander at all costs!!!


Are these collections paid??



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