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UPDATE!!! Re: Helping Friend (Roadloans Approved) CarMax and Santander still an option?

LS2982 wrote:
Tell your friend STAY FAR AWAY from Santander!!! they are crooks!!!


Anything else he can get is light years better than Santander!


Oh come on... They have had some bad rap and most of that was the transition from Roadloans, accounts got aged incorrect, got reported deliquent, closed, open, repo... I had one too... but you can make payment by credit cards if your desperate or forget... I never really had a problem, I know it doesn't seem it but I really try NOT to call companies if I don't have to especially with things that are fixed for however many years.


Anway, The good news.

Went in today, picked out a car little more money but less miles and such and applied and was instant approved for "CarMax" 12% up to $20k!!!! No Money down!

I still however don't know score and report they pulled.

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