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Re: Joining Credit Union question

pat0812 wrote:

Can i join a credit union that is not in my state of residence ? (if i meet the requirements to join them)

Will I be able to take a loan for a car in California if my residence is in Delaware ?

Do i need to apply for a loan at a branch or online it's possible to make everything? I ask this because i found a nice credit union but i will never be able to go to a branch, so i need to be sure i will be able to handle all my requests by phone / online

It depends on the CU. If your eligible to join via a different route then physical address in state then yes.


I love my CU (PSECU), If I wanted to drive 90 miles I could get to a branch but they are so convienent online and making deposits I dont think i'll ever have to go there in person.


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