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Re: First time using auto I have an auto enhanced score?
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Here is an update:


On 10/01/2012, I applied online to TMCC (Toyota Financial).  I was told that I would have an answer in one business day.  I then let the person at the dealership (who had let me do a test drive a few weeks prior) know I applied on line and I would keep him updated.  Initially, I was declined because I have a fraud alert and TMCC could not get a hold of me.  I updated my telephone number with Trans Union after they verified my identity by answering a series of questions.  The salesperson I dealt with told me that he could get me financed with Capital One.  I told him no way, TMCC only.  I then asked him how Cap One got my information.   He said he sent them my "profile."  I immediately sent a text to the salesperson telling him that I did not want any other financing aside from TMCC and I do not want a bunch of inquiries on my credit report.  I wanted some sort of proof of my demand.


I found out that my enhanced auto beacon is 654.  Agreed to the financing and down payment.  I did not give them the down payment, telling them I would bring in cash the next day.


Fast forward to today...


I went to the dealership today to pick up my new Camry Hybrid.  While on the way, my iphone indicated that I had 6 unread emails.  When I pulled up to the dealership, I sat in my car and read them.  Turns out I was receiving updates to my Trans Union credit report.  The previous day, 6 inquiries were made (to various banks) on my credit file.  I was like **bleep**!


Not being able to stay calm, I walked into the dealership and wanted some answers.  I told them that I was canceling my sales contract.  I left.  I called my attorney right away.  He informed me that I do not have a right to cancel a auto sale in the State of Ohio.  He said I can sue in civil court for unauthorized inquiries on my credit report.


The manager of the dealership told me that he cannot remove the inquiries.


I sent an email to the dealership telling them that they had to remove the 2 inquiries they were responsible for (their dealership and parent company) and that if they don't, not only will I seek a civil remedy, I will not bring in my down payment.


Any other advice?