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Re: Financing Difficulties!!

I have a 619 score and the only late reporting loan is my mortgage.  However I just did a modification and it is now reporting current.  My wife's credit does not have the mortgage on it.  Her score is 679.  However I have the income history and long term job.  Our other "bad" is a few (four) high util on credit cards, one with $3k, one with $2500, and the other two are around $1500.  We are both self employed so she has income from that, however we are not sure how to show that income??


We have a recently paid in full auto loan, never late, and one that is open that has no lates.


I'm hoping once we pull the trigger on auto apps that we will be approved with a decent rate.  From what I have seen in these forums there have been people with scores in the 500's who are getting REALLY good rates on loans, like below 5%!  How is this happening?  If that is the case then I am really confident things will work for us.


Because you have a recent BK things will be difficult for awhile.  I was there about 9 years ago.  Had to wait about 6-9 months to get any type of loan.  You will get through it!