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Re: First time using auto I have an auto enhanced score?
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hsiaokou wrote:
It's the principle. I filled out my app on line through toyota financial. The dealership said they needed my ss# and DOB to pull the app. Unbeknownst to me, and w/o written permission, the dealership tried to shop around.

I get everything you are saying. I already have a fraud alert on my credit file as I am a previous victim of I'd theft.

Anyway, my attorney is talking to their attorney.

Walt's assessment was correct: while the principle of it is absolutely in question, there's no harm done to you or your credit score (or even your credit report) by what the dealership did.  


I don't think getting laywers involved is going to be beneficial (and may have a very real downside if the dealership/TFS aka TMCC take exception and decide to play hardball) and in either case ultimately won't accomplish anything besides possibly some satisfaction and paying additional money for your car, but to your lawyer instead.  I'd just let it go and enjoy the new ride.



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